Monday, September 24, 2012

First Aid Guide

Choking occurs when airway is blocked.

Casualty is unable to breathe and may be gripping throat.
Veins become prominent.
Mouth and lips turn blue.
Possible unconsciousness.

What to do
For infant- Hold casulaty upside down. Open his mouth and pull tongue forward. Let obstruction out.

For older children- Hold casualty head down over your arm or knee. Clear his mouth and pull tongue forward. Encourage coughing.

For adult- Have casualty bend down with head lower than his lungs. Encourage coughing.

For all cases, if obstruction is not dislodged, maintain position and slap between shoulder blades.
Repeat 4 times. If obstruction is visible but not coughed out, hook it out with a finger.

In all cases, begin CPR if casualty has difficulty breathing after obstruction is expelled.

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